The puppy in this image was poisoned with strychnine. He was given milk and induced to vomit. Then he remained silent, in the room at a comfortable temperature and low light. In two days the recovery was total.


Humans deserve the effects of the pyramid, but would it be fair to benefit our pets?

Like people, animals benefit from the pyramidal effect. They cannot be suggested with the “placebo effect,” so they are the best references. Their judgments are practical and indisputable. Besides to like to be in the pyramids (except for some felines that only use them when they are sick or injured), it is possible to determine with them that the pyramidal effect is not a mere placebo.


Also for beekeeping, pyramids have great importance. The pyramidal effect protects against various diseases and eliminates by the application of antipyramid (the field that forms below the base) ascospherosis and other pests. Honey production increases between 20 and 25% in treated hives. The ascospherosis decimated the hives in Cuba, until its eradication arrived with minimal costs, only using pyramids. The treatment for ascospherosis consists basically of antipyramid application, but there are more complete beehive therapies with longer-term effects, adding advantages to the same therapeutic process.  MORE..



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