Incomplete pyramid question

Hi. Good night to everyone in the group, my name is Carlos, and I am starting to know what the Pyramid Energy is … and it seems to be very interesting … my question is if the edges should join… attached photo … and thank you very much

pyramide incompleta

RE: Always the parts must be joined. Lacking the parts of the base will surely only work the pyramid formed by the faces. Let’s say that for material purposes we could divide the pyramids, as SIMPLE and COUPLED. A Horus, a Hygia, a Pyramidbed or a HĂ©rurcules are SIMPLE pyramids because they are made of only one material: High purity aluminum. But a Pyramidal House is a COUPLED pyramid because it is (structure and walls) made of wood and derivatives (the glass does not count because they do not form a pyramidal structure between them). But it also has a superstructure of the same aluminum as the Pyramidbeds, so that there are TWO PYRAMIDS in one. The pyramidal field of aluminum and wood are different. Both have practically everything in common, but in the quantum order, there are differences. These differences are very beneficial because what they do is increase the spectrum of oscillation (quantum and atomic) on the matter they influence. In the case of that pyramid that you have made, it is necessary that the edges are touched to form an incomplete pyramidal field, of little or no perceptible effect. But if you add parts in the base, that contact the edges, then you will have a complete pyramid.


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