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Meat and Pyramid Effect

With this “test” I want to see how far the “Pyramidal Egg” can reach on its fifth state.
Many people make this mistake very often, but in this case is deliberately.

Both samples should present zero putrefaction at the end of the experiment.


Pyramid Structure of perfect edges and bases in aluminum of extreme metallic purity and with more silica 6.7 kg with a base of 60cm by side.

Day 0
Temp: 24.5 C
In Pyramid: 20g of meat
70cm appart. (mistake made deliberately to show how far the “Pyramidal EGG” can reach).
Out Pyramid: 20g of meat




Day 1
Temp: 24.7 C
In Pyramid: 11.75g   dropped-8.25g   <(0.75g)>   Out Pyramid: 12.5g  dropped-7.5g

NOTE: The first day the sample inside the pyramid dropped 8.25g in 24 hours, when the sample outside the pyramid only dropped 7.5g.

Everything changes from the second day on…  The number between the <( )> is the difference of weight between both samples every day.

Day 2
Temp: 24.5 C
In Pyramid: 9.32g   dropped-2.43g   <(0.33g)>   Out Pyramid: 9.74g  dropped-2.76g

Day 3
Temp: 24.2 C
In Pyramid: 7.9g   dropped-1.42g   <(0.18g)>   Out Pyramid: 8.14g  dropped-1.6g

Day 4
Temp: 23.8 C
In Pyramid: 7.11g   dropped-0.79g   <(0.11g)>   Out Pyramid: 7.24g  dropped-0.9g

Day 5
Temp: 23.4 C
In Pyramid: 6.7g   dropped-0.41g   <(0.07g)>   Out Pyramid: 6.76g  dropped-0.48g

Day 6
Temp: 23.5 C
In Pyramid: 6.48g   dropped-0.22g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 6.52g  dropped-0.24g

Day 7
Temp: 23.9 C
In Pyramid: 6.20g   dropped-0.28g   <(0.09g)>   Out Pyramid: 6.15g  dropped-0.37g

Day 8
Temp: 25.4 C
In Pyramid: 5.91g   dropped-0.29g   <(0.04g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.82g  dropped-0.33g

Day 9
Temp: 26.4 C
In Pyramid: 5.76g   dropped-0.15g   <(0.05g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.62g  dropped-0.2g

Day 10
Temp: 27 C
In Pyramid: 5.65g   dropped-0.11g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.49g  dropped-0.13g

Day 11
Temp: 28.2 C
In Pyramid: 5.56g   dropped-0.07g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.40g  dropped-0.09g

Day 12
Temp: 27.8 C
In Pyramid: 5.50g   dropped-0.06g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.36g  dropped-0.04g

Day 13
Temp: 27 C
In Pyramid: 5.45g   dropped-0.05g   <(0.01g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.3g  dropped-0.06g

Day 14
Temp: 25.5 C
In Pyramid: 5.42g   dropped-0.03g   <(0.01g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.27g  dropped-0.03g

Day 15
Temp: 26.1 C
In Pyramid: 5.38g   dropped-0.04g   <(0.03g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.26g  dropped-0.01g

Day 16
Temp: 26.7 C
In Pyramid: 5.37g   dropped-0.01g   <(0.01g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.24g  dropped-0.02g

Day 17
Temp: 25.1 C
In Pyramid: 5.35g   dropped-0.02g   <(0.01g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.21g  dropped-0.03g

Day 18
Temp: 23.9 C
In Pyramid: 5.33g   dropped-0.02g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.21g  dropped-0.00g

Day 19
Temp: 24.3 C
In Pyramid: 5.31g   dropped-0.02g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.21g  dropped-0.00g

Day 20
Temp: 24.1 C
In Pyramid: 5.29g   dropped-0.02g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.21g  dropped-0.00g

Day 21
Temp: 24.2 C
In Pyramid: 5.29g   dropped-0.00g   <(0.00g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.21g  dropped-0.00g

For some reazon the sample inside the pyramid not just didn’t loose all the weight as the sample outside the pyramid did, but it also kept more volume(size).

Both samples presented zero putrefaction.


Miguel Escotto