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Sleeping in this pyramid

Since May 2017, I sleep in this pyramid.

In this “post” I will document since I bought it, put together, the first night, and experiences in general without counting the private ones. I will update whenever it is justifiable.

End of April 2017

I receive notification that the pyramid has arrived at the airport and I must pay taxes and withdraw the packages. After round trip, I finally received the packages.

The problem was that they came with the description of “some parts for hydroponics” and that delayed the process, but anyway. Here the pieces.

High purity aluminum hardened with silica, zero ferromagnetic, perfect angles for the proportions of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the right weight for a correct density for medium and long-term benefit without discomfort.

Let’s put together the show:

I bought the cheapest wood that I found, I hope later to give it a more decent finishing .. Here the process.

At this point, I took measurements and bought the mattress that best fits the pyramid and my budget online.

A new mattress without springs. VERY important!

Beginning in May of 2017 I completed the assembly.

After days since I was told that I had to go to remove the pyramid from the airport, arm it and buy the mattress finally to sleep in it.

  • What I want to treat Mainly my back pain that sometimes hurts more than others, it is pain of being tired or bad posture.
  • I want to stay healthy in general.
  • I want to check if something paranormal happens in the physical or in the mental.


  • I could not close my eye
  • It could have been emotion or something like that
  • In the morning I felt exhausted


  • I could not close my eye
  • A little less restless than the night before
  • In the morning I felt exhausted (inside the pyramid)
  • Outside the pyramid, I felt as if I had slept perfectly
  • During the rest of the day quite tired


  • I slept awakening from time to time (4 to 5 times)
  • A lot of work to get up in the morning
  • Very sleepy during the day


  • I slept awakening from time to time (4 to 5 times)
  • A lot of work to get up in the morning
  • Very sleepy during the day


  • I slept awakening from time to time (1 to 2 times)
  • A lot of work to get up, but …
  • Once out of the pyramid, super rested
  • Quiet during the day, very tired at nightfall

This was true for 10 more nights.

Sometimes awakening in the night, sometimes not, sometimes I had trouble getting up and sometimes not, always feeling the difference between being inside and outside the pyramid but nothing paranormal, simple physics.


  • I slept awakening from time to time (1 time)
  • Less work to get up, and …
  • Once out of the pyramid, super rested
  • Quiet during the day, very tired at nightfall

When I thought I was sick! 

  • I felt a strong throat in my throat and I knew that I was going to get sick
  • I slept without waking all night
  • A lot of work to get up (very thirsty)
  • A lot of thirst during the day but no hawking
  • Little tired during the day


  • I slept awakening from time to time to drink water (2 to 3 times)
  • Much thirst (lots of water)
  • For the first time, I wake up and get up without a problem !!
  • I did not get sick, but the people around me do it often.
  • Less tired every day.

From here to the next 60 to 80 days

Everything was similar, but with each day more thirst, gradually improving the quality of sleep, avoiding or easily fighting flus and other things in the air that apparently others can not or do not want.


  • Back pain is becoming less bothersome or uncomfortable
  • I fall asleep easier than usual
  • I drink a lot more water
  • I noticed that sometimes I wake up smiling

My toothache

  • I am awakened by a toothache (left below)
  • I can not keep sleeping
  • I decide to get up (a little annoying)
  • In the shower, I realize that it does not hurt anymore
  • The rest, a normal day, drinking water


  • I wake up by the pain again
  • I can not keep sleeping
  • Desperate I get out of the pyramid since I can not sleep
  • Looking for a solution I realize that it does not hurt anymore
  • Return to sleep
  • The pain returns in less than a minute
  • I can stand for a few minutes
  • I’m looking for the solution that I stopped looking for a moment ago
  • Once again, looking for a solution I realize that it does not hurt anymore
  • I make my normal day


  • After 10 minutes of going to bed, the pain starts
  • The pain seems to extend to the molar on the right
  • I leave the pyramid and in 2 minutes the pain disappears
  • I give myself an anti-pyramid treatment for 10 minutes in the head
    It’s my pyramid but it’s not me in the photo. It is for illustration

  • I can lie down for about 30 minutes before the pain returns
  • Return 10 minutes to the anti-pyramid every 50 minutes (5 times)
  • Obviously, I slept little
  • I decided that if this continues, I was going to make an appointment with the dentist
  • Normal day

I prepare myself by buying some pain pills.


  • I go to bed and sleep all night
  • The pills were not necessary and there was no pain
  • Normal day


  • I am awakened by the pain in the tooth (upper right)
  • Curiously, the ones below did not hurt even if I manipulated them
  • I returned 10 minutes to the anti- pyramid 
  • The pain returned a minute after entering the pyramid
  • I took a pill and sleep

From here to the next 15 days

Everything was similar, the pain changed teeth, sometimes slept well, sometimes I woke up with pain – little pill and sleep.
A total of 5 pills were needed in 15 nights, during the day I used the anti- pyramid successfully. It is worth mentioning that one pill inside the pyramid is worth two.


  • It seems that the toothaches disappeared
  • I decide to quit smoking (moral bet)
  • Everything returns to normal apparently
  • I get up 1 to 2 times to drink water
  • I feel tired inside the pyramid


  • Gum discomfort (not toothache) wakes me up 
  • No problem sleep again
  • I get up 1 to 2 times to drink water
  • I feel tired inside the pyramid
  • Revitalized out of it
  • The back pain comes back a little


  • Gum discomfort goes and comes changing places
  • No problem sleep again
  • I get up 1 to 2 times to drink water
  • I feel less tired inside the pyramid
  • Revitalized out of it
  • Back pain gradually disappears
  • I decide to hit the GYM


Apparently back pain is related to stress. Stress changes posture, posture causes de-balance, this causes pain. Toothache or any other cause stress, this makes you change your posture and blah blah blah. The Pyramidbed gradually reduces stress.


  • My whole body hurts (GYM) but I sleep like a baby
  • I do not get up all night
  • I have a hard time getting out of the pyramid (little funny)
  • Much thirst (lots of water)
  • All day sore but with energy and awake

From here to date (01/26/2018)

Everything has been similar, body pain (because of GYM) gradually disappeared. It increased the effort and the pain returned to gradually disappear again.

  • Gum discomfort goes and comes changing places
  • I sleep like a baby
  • I get up 1 to 2 times to drink water
  • I wake up before the alarm sounds
  • Revitalized out of it
  • No flu can last more than one night
  • I no longer smoke and I’ve already removed all my percings

Definitely something happens in the psychology of a “pyramidsleeper” as some call us.




About Concatenación I wrote very little, but the subject gives for a lot more and a few days ago I started to design a model to do a lot of experiments in this regard, especially in Inner Concatenation, which would be the most practical. There are also Lateral Concatenations (side by side) that are divided into Cardinal Concatenations (side by side on the North-South line) and Lateral Concatenations (on East-West line). In the Cardinals, the one to the North is enhanced if they are located in the Southern Hemisphere of the world.
I have not experimented much with this modality in the Northern Hemisphere because I need 48 hour days;). The Laterals are more powerful than the Cardinals in the strip between the 30º South and North parallels, but I only had a couple of months with not very precise experiments in this topic, because the laboratory was only 700 km from the equator, but the priority was on the biological for me and the quantum and molecular for physicists.  READ MORE>>

Meat and Pyramid Effect

With this “test” I want to see how far the “Pyramidal Egg” can reach on its fifth state.
Many people make this mistake very often, but in this case is deliberately.

Both samples should present zero putrefaction at the end of the experiment.


Pyramid Structure of perfect edges and bases in aluminum of extreme metallic purity and with more silica 6.7 kg with a base of 60cm by side.

Day 0
Temp: 24.5 C
In Pyramid: 20g of meat
70cm appart. (mistake made deliberately to show how far the “Pyramidal EGG” can reach).
Out Pyramid: 20g of meat




Day 1
Temp: 24.7 C
In Pyramid: 11.75g   dropped-8.25g   <(0.75g)>   Out Pyramid: 12.5g  dropped-7.5g

NOTE: The first day the sample inside the pyramid dropped 8.25g in 24 hours, when the sample outside the pyramid only dropped 7.5g.

Everything changes from the second day on…  The number between the <( )> is the difference of weight between both samples every day.

Day 2
Temp: 24.5 C
In Pyramid: 9.32g   dropped-2.43g   <(0.33g)>   Out Pyramid: 9.74g  dropped-2.76g

Day 3
Temp: 24.2 C
In Pyramid: 7.9g   dropped-1.42g   <(0.18g)>   Out Pyramid: 8.14g  dropped-1.6g

Day 4
Temp: 23.8 C
In Pyramid: 7.11g   dropped-0.79g   <(0.11g)>   Out Pyramid: 7.24g  dropped-0.9g

Day 5
Temp: 23.4 C
In Pyramid: 6.7g   dropped-0.41g   <(0.07g)>   Out Pyramid: 6.76g  dropped-0.48g

Day 6
Temp: 23.5 C
In Pyramid: 6.48g   dropped-0.22g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 6.52g  dropped-0.24g

Day 7
Temp: 23.9 C
In Pyramid: 6.20g   dropped-0.28g   <(0.09g)>   Out Pyramid: 6.15g  dropped-0.37g

Day 8
Temp: 25.4 C
In Pyramid: 5.91g   dropped-0.29g   <(0.04g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.82g  dropped-0.33g

Day 9
Temp: 26.4 C
In Pyramid: 5.76g   dropped-0.15g   <(0.05g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.62g  dropped-0.2g

Day 10
Temp: 27 C
In Pyramid: 5.65g   dropped-0.11g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.49g  dropped-0.13g

Day 11
Temp: 28.2 C
In Pyramid: 5.56g   dropped-0.07g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.40g  dropped-0.09g

Day 12
Temp: 27.8 C
In Pyramid: 5.50g   dropped-0.06g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.36g  dropped-0.04g

Day 13
Temp: 27 C
In Pyramid: 5.45g   dropped-0.05g   <(0.01g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.3g  dropped-0.06g

Day 14
Temp: 25.5 C
In Pyramid: 5.42g   dropped-0.03g   <(0.01g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.27g  dropped-0.03g

Day 15
Temp: 26.1 C
In Pyramid: 5.38g   dropped-0.04g   <(0.03g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.26g  dropped-0.01g

Day 16
Temp: 26.7 C
In Pyramid: 5.37g   dropped-0.01g   <(0.01g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.24g  dropped-0.02g

Day 17
Temp: 25.1 C
In Pyramid: 5.35g   dropped-0.02g   <(0.01g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.21g  dropped-0.03g

Day 18
Temp: 23.9 C
In Pyramid: 5.33g   dropped-0.02g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.21g  dropped-0.00g

Day 19
Temp: 24.3 C
In Pyramid: 5.31g   dropped-0.02g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.21g  dropped-0.00g

Day 20
Temp: 24.1 C
In Pyramid: 5.29g   dropped-0.02g   <(0.02g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.21g  dropped-0.00g

Day 21
Temp: 24.2 C
In Pyramid: 5.29g   dropped-0.00g   <(0.00g)>   Out Pyramid: 5.21g  dropped-0.00g

For some reazon the sample inside the pyramid not just didn’t loose all the weight as the sample outside the pyramid did, but it also kept more volume(size).

Both samples presented zero putrefaction.


Miguel Escotto