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About Concatenación I wrote very little, but the subject gives for a lot more and a few days ago I started to design a model to do a lot of experiments in this regard, especially in Inner Concatenation, which would be the most practical. There are also Lateral Concatenations (side by side) that are divided into Cardinal Concatenations (side by side on the North-South line) and Lateral Concatenations (on East-West line). In the Cardinals, the one to the North is enhanced if they are located in the Southern Hemisphere of the world.
I have not experimented much with this modality in the Northern Hemisphere because I need 48 hour days;). The Laterals are more powerful than the Cardinals in the strip between the 30º South and North parallels, but I only had a couple of months with not very precise experiments in this topic, because the laboratory was only 700 km from the equator, but the priority was on the biological for me and the quantum and molecular for physicists.  READ MORE>>



There are several cases of people with serious kidney problems, from nephritis due to biological causes to operable lithiasis (kidney stones), who have completely overcome the ailment using our products.

But we will expose only the most shocking for us, an unofficial case of a patient – already fully recovered – who suffered from kidney problems that worsened to the point that she spent two years in hemodialysis treatment. A family member was fully compatible to be a donor and A.D.S. received a kidney transplant. A few months later, she was stuck with drugs that prevent rejection (immunosuppressants), so with the immune system atrophied, she had to take a lot of antibiotics so that she would not be killed by flu or any bacterial infection, no matter how small. Her chances of life were very scarce, due to the general organic deterioration. The drugs (both immunosuppressants and antibiotics) had damaged her stomach, despite the stomach protectors she was taking. The effect of the last one was counterproductive in the functions of her “new kidney”, but in addition, it was affecting severely her liver, for which she had to take more medicines. So a medicine required others to palliate effects in a chain that was being unsustainable, leading to a DOM (dysfunction organic multiple). Many of the drugs were not covered by social security, so the economy of the whole family also was falling apart.  READ MORE>>


Technological device that Improves Health

Antirheumatic, Bacteriostatic, Antiage, Antioxidant, Relaxant, Antistress, Anti-inflammatory


Remember that pyramids only work if they are correctly oriented, and you should also leave a minimum of passage, for convenience and functionality. If there are movable closets, etc. it is no problem. But if there are built-in furniture, these should not be considered within the space available.


bion_orb_neutrino_pyramid_11The bions are also called Orbs (biological orgone) and are agglomerations of neutrinos, those fundamental subparticles of our material Universe. Wilhelm Reich called them that, although he did not know that they were neutrinos because in his day quantum physics was in diapers … As now, but with less academic shit and more research without interests.

When children play, when adults dance and have fun, more orbs appear in the photos. Let’s see why.   READ MORE..


meditation_pyramidThe pyramid, like a refrigerator, a television or an oven, has specific utilities. Any of these artifacts lends many and diverse utilities, but we can not mix them and cook in the fridge, tune the television in the oven or refrigerate on the TV.

Well, with the pyramids, there are people who claim functions that, although they could perform them under certain conditions, do not correspond to the use for which they are designed. It is true that the pyramid helps with meditation and other psychic activities, but everything has its own way, its technique. It is not a question of one getting inside the pyramid and ten minutes later have a “mystical experience” or be “enlightened”, nor will be able in a few days to “connect with the extraterrestrial brothers”.

Without going into what may eventually happen, within the amazing phenomena of the pyramids, what is sought with them is an organic, physiological and therapeutic benefit. From this much better conditions arise to perform any kind of psychic, mental or spiritual practice and sometimes these occur earlier than expected for various reasons; but pretending that the pyramid is just an instrument of meditation, is like saying that the television is only to watch football, or that a kitchen is only to heat water.  READ MORE..


control_effects_systemWhen you enter into a closed, solid or very dense pyramid of more than six meters by side (sometimes passing five meters) a curious phenomenon occurs: Each person experiences it differently, but it is almost always unpleasant. The symptoms are usually nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. This does not happen in the pyramids of Egypt for example, because they are equipped with a device analogous to our “discharge grills”, to control the pyramidal energy.
The “Chaos Chamber” of the Great Pyramid It is the hollow where it was part of that device, but in reality, the hollow itself is the device to some extent.
What was there, wherein the s. XVII found remains of lead and copper and later the soldiers of Napoleon removed the last vestiges, was a system that accelerated, reduced or allowed to graduate the passage of ions eliminated by the pyramid. In addition, the deterioration and truncated tip, significantly reduce the effect.
All the pyramids have these cameras, which vary according to their size and design, as well as the use that each one should have.    READ MORE


incorrect_magnetism_for_pyramidbedIn this image – we have a mess of readings where the compass marks different North in each place, we have a picture of magnetic anomalies that are always considered “geopathic”, that is: “place of the earth that produces diseases”. In 1300 cases (until June 2014) we have only encountered three of these geopathic. Two of them were solved by installing the Pyramidbed in another room because in general, it is almost impossible for a pyramid to work under these conditions. In the other case the house was affected by intense geopaties and the pyramid could not be assembled there, and its occupants had to abandon it, since upon discovering this problem, the history of the place was ascertained: All the people who have lived in that place have fallen ill and even crazed in a few months. That is, you SHOULD NOT LIVE or at least you should not sleep in places where a compass gives abnormal readings. The majority correspond to nearby groundwater, to the metal structures of the building (which reinforce natural geopaties, etc.), or a combination of both. In other cases, the problem is combined with knots of the Hartmann and Curry networks, although these, if they are not very intense, do not usually affect the function of the pyramid.  READ MORE…