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In the Basic Manual of Pyramidology and other documents on this website, you can learn more about why the pyramids work, using the Earth’s magnetic field. Implies an extremely natural magnetotherapy adjusted to the values ​​of our world, with half a gauss in the atmosphere and a gauss on the ground. What we get in the first place in biological applications, is that nothing will rot inside the pyramid. Neither in macro nor microscale. There is no disordered decomposition at the molecular level, but molecular restructuring. So the infectious bacteria cannot thrive, because to do so they produce agents that trigger the cell lysate (by rupture of the cell membrane) and these lysine-like agents or variants of it, remain innocuous in the pyramidal environment, even within the bacteria that tries to produce it and then feed on the decomposed cellular matter.

Some infectious bacteria go into autolysis (programmed destruction, but in this circumstantial case) by not being able to feed themselves, most remain inactive until they die of starvation, without more, so that they do not scatter their remains in the body. The symbiotic bacteria of the intestinal flora and the phages, or any other component of the immune system, do not have problems with the pyramidal effect because nothing of the body tends to destruction. Cellular autolysis occurs sometimes, but most tends to self-recovery, except for those that have suffered very severe damage or have entirely completed their life cycle, which lengthens considerably in the pyramidal atmosphere.    READ MORE…


cone-pyramid1) THE PYRAMIDAL SHAPE
Much has been speculated on matters of sacred geometry, form waves, subtle energies and so on, but the totality of factors concerning the pyramidal form is hardly taken into account. Some people, thanks to their fears, ignorance, prejudices and merely theoretical assumptions, write irresponsibly about the effects of the pyramids without having done enough experiments, sometimes not even one, and there is how some disinformation comes about it. As geobiologists, architects, engineers, doctors, and therapists who work with the various geometric shapes, know that in no geometrical form have found the same results as with the pyramid.
Neither the domes, nor the cones, nor the yurts or the Indian tepees, nor the diverse structures that are built on the basis of sacred geometry, have achieved even a fraction of the effects we achieve in the pyramids.
If they could achieve it and could demonstrate the same benefits, our work could be combined, and we would have a greater number of useful, aesthetic and functional options.

We have also worked extensively with domes, cones, and pyramids of three, five, six and eight faces. Even strictly adhering to the sacred geometry, with none of these forms, we have been able to replace the pyramidal effect, which we only achieved with the square pyramid of 51º 51 ’14 “of inclination of their faces. In some cases, the practical difficulties have been much more significant than with the pyramid.

To achieve part of the effect of the accumulation of neutrinos, but also only achieving less than half the power of the magnetic field (measured in dehydration coefficient) of a cone, we need a height equal to three diameters.  READ MORE>>



The puppy in this image was poisoned with strychnine. He was given milk and induced to vomit. Then he remained silent, in the room at a comfortable temperature and low light. In two days the recovery was total.


Humans deserve the effects of the pyramid, but would it be fair to benefit our pets?

Like people, animals benefit from the pyramidal effect. They cannot be suggested with the “placebo effect,” so they are the best references. Their judgments are practical and indisputable. Besides to like to be in the pyramids (except for some felines that only use them when they are sick or injured), it is possible to determine with them that the pyramidal effect is not a mere placebo.


Also for beekeeping, pyramids have great importance. The pyramidal effect protects against various diseases and eliminates by the application of antipyramid (the field that forms below the base) ascospherosis and other pests. Honey production increases between 20 and 25% in treated hives. The ascospherosis decimated the hives in Cuba, until its eradication arrived with minimal costs, only using pyramids. The treatment for ascospherosis consists basically of antipyramid application, but there are more complete beehive therapies with longer-term effects, adding advantages to the same therapeutic process.  MORE..



fiber_morgellons_02SUMMARY: The pyramids can prevent Morgellons, but we don’t know how far they can be used to treat it once diagnosed with material evidence. They are nanoparticles absorbed by unknown means, which the pyramidalized body will eliminate quickly as it occurs with many toxins, preventing their accumulation and subsequent “assembly.” But once assembled the corpuscles that give rise to the reaction (epithelial or in internal organs), is very difficult to know if exposure to the pyramidal field could dissolve them as antilithic, as it does with stones or kidney stones and gallstones (lithiasis or with rheumatism, dissolving the crystals of uric acid). As for the bacterial infections from chemtrails fumigation, can be anticipated, and the diseases caused can also be treated (and up to gangrene or blood poisoning with the proper pyramids). READ MORE…


compass-pyramid-02There is a zero point and is that you never leave a compass inside the pyramid. The pyramidal effect heals us from many pests and protects us from almost all because it produces a Biomagnetic Pair therapy in a constant 0.5 Gauss. We function correctly when our particles, atoms, molecules, cells, and organs have their magnetic fields balanced. Every functional imbalance of any etiology has a physical basis and is magnetic. In a magnetically balanced environment, viruses can hardly attack, oxidation is difficult, putrefaction inhibited … And we have all the advantages of the pyramidal effect. But how does the compass work? Well, it works because it’s unbalanced. One end of the needle is magnetized, and the other is not. It seems paradoxical, but for us to use the pyramidal effect and produce that wonderful balance, we have to use an unbalanced element like the compass. So the zero point, the most important thing that a pyramidologist should know, is that the compass should not be left inside, under, or near the pyramid. Is used without problems, but once finished using it, it must remain outside the pyramidal field, which can extend up to a length of the base. If I live in a pyramidal house, I can’t have any compasses inside, because in short time it will be useless, it will make a magnetic match … But we need the compass “sick,” unbalanced, to make it work. If you sleep in a Pyramidbed, you can’t leave the compass near and is even convenient not to store it in the same room.

Use dry and needle compasses preferably. The liquid immersion ones usually fail when they have an air bubble. Let’s see the compasses.  READ MORE …


wind-resistantThe pyramidal structure has been tested in wind tunnel demonstrating a significant advantage over any other structure. The only exception has been the dome since a hemisphere or dome ideally has the same advantages. But in practice, when making a house or a shelter, the pyramid has smooth faces, while the domes have a circular arc, which makes it difficult to get materials whose surface fits without gaps where the wind can “hook.” So most capsules or domes, actually have a series of drawbacks, while the pyramid resists more both in structure and in its parts. The pyramidal architecture has been in the remote past, as much as now, the ultimate paradigm of polyvalent architecture.

The Pyramidhouse has a series of advantages that no other construction can offer.

PYRAMIDAL EFFECT: Nothing rots inside, is bacteriostatic, sedative, relaxing, antioxidant, antirheumatic, etc. (See Benefits). But this implies several more things that can only be appreciated through experience. Anyway, a good theoretical knowledge in this regard is essential for the engineer or architect, because it will allow to design better pyramidal buildings, safer, more functional and make sure that they will work in their aspect of “pyramidal device.” The best engineers and architects are not “the most creative,” but those who add creativity and aesthetics to the responsibility and accuracy of their designs.

As for the pyramidal effect, they must take special care to be well informed on the subject, because problems have occurred with poorly constructed pyramids due to lack of knowledge, which in some cases has forced the owners to leave the house. No serious damage has been reported, but the inconvenience caused by inadequate materials, ignorance of the effects and how the pyramids should be used, has represented an economic loss for the people, a discredit for the construction professionals and an indirect damage to the pyramidology.