control_effects_systemWhen you enter into a closed, solid or very dense pyramid of more than six meters by side (sometimes passing five meters) a curious phenomenon occurs: Each person experiences it differently, but it is almost always unpleasant. The symptoms are usually nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. This does not happen in the pyramids of Egypt for example, because they are equipped with a device analogous to our “discharge grills”, to control the pyramidal energy.
The “Chaos Chamber” of the Great Pyramid It is the hollow where it was part of that device, but in reality, the hollow itself is the device to some extent.
What was there, wherein the s. XVII found remains of lead and copper and later the soldiers of Napoleon removed the last vestiges, was a system that accelerated, reduced or allowed to graduate the passage of ions eliminated by the pyramid. In addition, the deterioration and truncated tip, significantly reduce the effect.
All the pyramids have these cameras, which vary according to their size and design, as well as the use that each one should have.    READ MORE