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There are several cases of people with serious kidney problems, from nephritis due to biological causes to operable lithiasis (kidney stones), who have completely overcome the ailment using our products.

But we will expose only the most shocking for us, an unofficial case of a patient – already fully recovered – who suffered from kidney problems that worsened to the point that she spent two years in hemodialysis treatment. A family member was fully compatible to be a donor and A.D.S. received a kidney transplant. A few months later, she was stuck with drugs that prevent rejection (immunosuppressants), so with the immune system atrophied, she had to take a lot of antibiotics so that she would not be killed by flu or any bacterial infection, no matter how small. Her chances of life were very scarce, due to the general organic deterioration. The drugs (both immunosuppressants and antibiotics) had damaged her stomach, despite the stomach protectors she was taking. The effect of the last one was counterproductive in the functions of her “new kidney”, but in addition, it was affecting severely her liver, for which she had to take more medicines. So a medicine required others to palliate effects in a chain that was being unsustainable, leading to a DOM (dysfunction organic multiple). Many of the drugs were not covered by social security, so the economy of the whole family also was falling apart.  READ MORE>>