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compass-pyramid-02There is a zero point and is that you never leave a compass inside the pyramid. The pyramidal effect heals us from many pests and protects us from almost all because it produces a Biomagnetic Pair therapy in a constant 0.5 Gauss. We function correctly when our particles, atoms, molecules, cells, and organs have their magnetic fields balanced. Every functional imbalance of any etiology has a physical basis and is magnetic. In a magnetically balanced environment, viruses can hardly attack, oxidation is difficult, putrefaction inhibited … And we have all the advantages of the pyramidal effect. But how does the compass work? Well, it works because it’s unbalanced. One end of the needle is magnetized, and the other is not. It seems paradoxical, but for us to use the pyramidal effect and produce that wonderful balance, we have to use an unbalanced element like the compass. So the zero point, the most important thing that a pyramidologist should know, is that the compass should not be left inside, under, or near the pyramid. Is used without problems, but once finished using it, it must remain outside the pyramidal field, which can extend up to a length of the base. If I live in a pyramidal house, I can’t have any compasses inside, because in short time it will be useless, it will make a magnetic match … But we need the compass “sick,” unbalanced, to make it work. If you sleep in a Pyramidbed, you can’t leave the compass near and is even convenient not to store it in the same room.

Use dry and needle compasses preferably. The liquid immersion ones usually fail when they have an air bubble. Let’s see the compasses.  READ MORE …