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therapeutic_pyramid_bungalow_3There are four basic points of utility, apart from the uses of any bed. Healthy people can use it to keep better with anti-aging effect, with special variations for sick people who demand more intense treatment.

a) Therapeutic: It is the main utility, for its effects: Antioxidant, Miorrelaxative, Antibacterial, De-inflammatory, Antirheumatic and Sedative.
* Rheumatic diseases of any etiology lead the results because although thousands of cases have been treated, all have been successful. But the prevention of many other bacterial diseases, lithiasis and all those related to the malformations of the organic liquids, find important palliatives or are completely overcome, according to the conditions of the patient and the etiology of the ailment. There has also been an unprecedented success in fibromyalgia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and multiple sclerosis.
* Increases the immunoprotective function in all human, animal and plant organisms.
* The endocrine system is regulated; There are experiences from important corrections in immunodeficiency problems to the disappearance of diseases related to it.
* The wounds heal faster and their bacteriostatic power reduces or cancels, depending on the case, the risk of infection.
What the user who sleeps or lives in a pyramid achieves is to remain healthy, vital, relaxed and energetically balanced. The other biological effects contribute to improve and prolong cell life and therefore, the life of any person, animal or plant.
b) Bio-regulator and conservative: Seeds of any plant, their saplings and seedlings will be vitally reinforced, reaching 30% increase in size and quality in some species and with significant resistance to pests. The germinative power remains undefined in the pyramid and lasts longer once the seeds are removed from it. Nothing rots within a perfect pyramid, well built and installed, although the processes of ordered digestion (animal intestines) are not interfered with since the bacteria that compose it are SYMBIOTIC, not saprophytic.
c) Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and other properties, also in the use of ANTI-PYRAMID (the field located below the plane of the base), but this modality of use corresponds only to experienced therapists because it is an effect similar to magnetotherapy. See pyramid and antipyramid. In pyramid-beds the anti-pyramidal effect is not used, you remain in the interior and never underneath.
d) Energizing, relaxing and psycho-regulator: These effects have subjective aspects that are only explained as the person is noticing the effects. To speak of it before is to induce theoretical speculations, pseudo-esoteric, and false mystical expectations. There is no “magic” outside of Nature because nothing escapes the Natural Laws. The psychic effects are the normal ones of a brain that works physiologically well and in conditions to expand and develop its potentialities.

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