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Pyramids and Sinusitis

felicidad_piramicamaIt is diagnosed as “acute” when the symptoms appear and last a month or less. In these cases the bacterial etiology is habitual and the treatment is usually with antibiotics, producing a gradual drainage of the mucus.
It is considered “chronic” when it lasts more than a month and antibiotics do not result.

The causes are very varied but the etiology is classified as physiological or functional, depending on the bone structure, the variables of the subject’s environment, chronicity and recurrence of the condition. It is usually chronic when the patient has a bone spur in the nose (inward) if the nasal septum is deviated from birth or by blows. This is not necessarily a cause of sinusitis, but when it is chronic it is necessary to correct that particular problem. Also, the existence of nasal polyps can complicate things, sometimes as a causative factor, other times as a mere consequence of prolonged sinusitis and nasal irritations by nose-blowing, scratching, use of Inadequate handkerchiefs, etc.     READ MORE….