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Piramicasa has its main workshops in Spain and France, so we installed in person throughout the Spanish territory including islands, Portugal and France. If you want us to install in another country Contact Us.

The general and more economic for the rest of the countries is the shipment by air or land transportation. We also ship to Spain, Portugal, and France but we recommend when possible, the installation in person.

Piramicasa has already sent its pyramidal products to various countries from the five continents.

We only send the aluminum part (pyramid structure), with the blueprints to make the wood part locally (base structure). We talk about Pyramibeds, Hercules, and Pyramidpets. The small Pyramids only have pyramidal structure and blueprints for supports or tables. We also built PyramidHouses around the world.



bion_orb_neutrino_pyramid_11The bions are also called Orbs (biological orgone) and are agglomerations of neutrinos, those fundamental subparticles of our material Universe. Wilhelm Reich called them that, although he did not know that they were neutrinos because in his day quantum physics was in diapers … As now, but with less academic shit and more research without interests.

When children play, when adults dance and have fun, more orbs appear in the photos. Let’s see why.   READ MORE..