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incorrect_magnetism_for_pyramidbedIn this image – we have a mess of readings where the compass marks different North in each place, we have a picture of magnetic anomalies that are always considered “geopathic”, that is: “place of the earth that produces diseases”. In 1300 cases (until June 2014) we have only encountered three of these geopathic. Two of them were solved by installing the Pyramidbed in another room because in general, it is almost impossible for a pyramid to work under these conditions. In the other case the house was affected by intense geopaties and the pyramid could not be assembled there, and its occupants had to abandon it, since upon discovering this problem, the history of the place was ascertained: All the people who have lived in that place have fallen ill and even crazed in a few months. That is, you SHOULD NOT LIVE or at least you should not sleep in places where a compass gives abnormal readings. The majority correspond to nearby groundwater, to the metal structures of the building (which reinforce natural geopaties, etc.), or a combination of both. In other cases, the problem is combined with knots of the Hartmann and Curry networks, although these, if they are not very intense, do not usually affect the function of the pyramid.  READ MORE…