cone-pyramid1) THE PYRAMIDAL SHAPE
Much has been speculated on matters of sacred geometry, form waves, subtle energies and so on, but the totality of factors concerning the pyramidal form is hardly taken into account. Some people, thanks to their fears, ignorance, prejudices and merely theoretical assumptions, write irresponsibly about the effects of the pyramids without having done enough experiments, sometimes not even one, and there is how some disinformation comes about it. As geobiologists, architects, engineers, doctors, and therapists who work with the various geometric shapes, know that in no geometrical form have found the same results as with the pyramid.
Neither the domes, nor the cones, nor the yurts or the Indian tepees, nor the diverse structures that are built on the basis of sacred geometry, have achieved even a fraction of the effects we achieve in the pyramids.
If they could achieve it and could demonstrate the same benefits, our work could be combined, and we would have a greater number of useful, aesthetic and functional options.

We have also worked extensively with domes, cones, and pyramids of three, five, six and eight faces. Even strictly adhering to the sacred geometry, with none of these forms, we have been able to replace the pyramidal effect, which we only achieved with the square pyramid of 51º 51 ’14 “of inclination of their faces. In some cases, the practical difficulties have been much more significant than with the pyramid.

To achieve part of the effect of the accumulation of neutrinos, but also only achieving less than half the power of the magnetic field (measured in dehydration coefficient) of a cone, we need a height equal to three diameters.  READ MORE>>